Don´t give up

Among our relatives we have many very bright and talented young ones. One of them is Ingrid, 16 years old, who has made a song called Don´t give up. She has made this song and got it produced in a professional studio as part of a school project. Ingrid wants to celebrate life and encourage…


If they only stayed among the birch trees during the night also, but no, they are having a nice time destroying our apple trees that grows 20 meter from the house. Arrgh!

Piece of art

Kristina Elo, living in Lovisa, is the artist of this small wonderful painting. Kristina is a friend of ours and we love her pictures and we have by now quite a collection of them at Strandhagen. This one I bought yesterday for my friend Judith in Switzerland, who is getting it as a birthday present….

Tove Jansson 100 years

At the weekend Tove Jansson was celebrated in many places in many ways. Tove Jansson ( 9th of August 1914-2001) was a swedish speaking finn who created not only the worldfamous Moomins but was also a painter and wrote many short stories and novels. She spent all her summers in the Pellinge archipelago, not far…