Don´t give up


Among our relatives we have many very bright and talented young ones. One of them is Ingrid, 16 years old, who has made a song called Don´t give up. She has made this song and got it produced in a professional studio as part of a school project. Ingrid wants to celebrate life and encourage others to enjoy life too.  ” Keep up the high hopes, Believe in yourself, You are perfect the way you are. Don´t give up”. This is what Ingrid writes about herself and her song on Youtube:

Three years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia. I was very weak and underweighted. I didn’t have any hope to get better and I just wanted to give up on everything. At some point I realized that I had a life to live and experience. I decided to win the fight with my disease and I did.

Don’t give up is a song written by me to everyone of you. I want you to know that you are all perfect the way you are. Remember to always be yourself and stay strong. Don’t ever let people bring you down!  Ingrid, on Aug 24, 2014