The story of Strandhagen

I think it was my childhood dream to run my own bed and breakfast. I built an attic for my dollhouse so that there would be enough rooms for a dollhouse hotel. My childhood dream came true when we decided to open the doors to our home every summer and run it as a B&B.

We found an abandoned log house from the 19th century which we took down, salvaged and rebuilt here in the beautiful country scenery of Piirlahti. During the building process, which lasted for some years, we came across a number of old and worn, but beautiful, furniture. Finally, we had the home of our dreams and during the process we had grown rooted in the peaceful nature and the village life.

Happiness is a gift best shared. We truly believe in that and want to share and nurture the warm atmosphere of our home by inviting new, still unknown friends to stay.
By opening the doors to our home, we are continuing an old tradition. We are doing what the people living in the archipelago have done throughout history, renting out our home for summer guests and moving into a smaller house for the summer holidays.

Come as a guest, leave as a friend.

We have had guests of all ages from all over the world: couples, groups, friends, and lone adventurers.

Strandhagen is at its best when the different guests gather on the veranda for evening tea. You can hear laughter, stories, and new friendships forming. These shared moments and time spent together are what I value most about my work.

Some of the best moments are also when we get to see familiar guests again. It feels as if the great big family of Strandhagen is together again. Some come to enjoy the serenity of nature and some to lick their wounds, while others come to enjoy the narrow cobble stone streets of Old Porvoo or Loviisa, and to bask in the wonderful archipelago of Pellinki.

The aim of Strandhagen is to be more than just a place to sleep. The aim of Strandhagen is to be more than just a place to sleep. We want to offer our guests a home, even if it is only for a few days. We strive to be a place where you can relax, enjoy the silence and the serene nature, feel pampered and enjoy a delightful breakfast on the veranda.

It’s more than fifteen years since the very first guests arrived at Strandhagen B&B. Nowadays I don’t remember all the guests, not even when I am reading the guestbook. Still, many of our guests have made a permanent mark on Strandhagen as well as my heart. I sincerely hope that Strandhagen has a small place in the hearts of our guests as well.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!
Mina Westerholm