Raparperitaivas missä se lie ilmalaiva meidät perille vie ja se taivas on sun ja mun piilopaikka yhteinen                                                               Leevi And The Leevings Raparperi onkin taivaallinen…

Mailcard from a guest

Today we received this wonderful photocollage from Bettina in Switzerland who stayed at Strandhagen B&B last week. It is photos from Strandhagen, Old Town of Porvoo and from Pellinge archipelago that we visited togehter. Thank you Bettina for the card and the nice time we shared. Keep on photographing!


I have lost the list where I had written down all the different nationalities our guests during the years have had.After only a few weeks I can write down on my new list for the season:Italian, French, Swiss, Chinese, Russian and  Finnish.