Kaksi suomen hevosta lumisessa maisemassa maistelemassa heille tuotua joulukuusta.

Christmas tree

Snowy forest road. A man is dagging a Christmas tree , a dog is running in the front.
The Christmas tree is on its way home from the forest.

The Christmas tree is one of the most important Christmas traditions, and we enjoy it for a long time. But what happens to the Christmas tree after Christmas? This year we found utilisation for the Christmas tree. The neighbours’ horses got it as a treat.

The search for the perfect Christmas tree starts early in December and is a good reason for many nice walks in the forest. It’s not worth cutting the Christmas tree too early, as you want it as fresh and long-lasting as possible. But suddenly there might be a thick layer of snow, and you can’t recognize the tree you’ve chosen. Bringing the tree home through the snow can also be challenging. to get the tree inside, standing straight and safe, might become a challenge as well. Our best solution so far, is to have the tree standing in a big bucket and tie the tree top to a hook in the ceiling. Because of the lively cat, we tie the tree to the sides also. Now the tree stands straight and steadily, and won’t dry out thanks to the bucket with lots of water. As we enjoy Christmas and the decorated tree for a long time here at Strandhagen, also this year the tree got sprouts. When it’s Saint Knut’s Day, the 13th of January, Christmas is finally over, and it’s time to say goodbye to the Christmas tree. This year it wasn´t that nostalgic as we were happy to take it to the neighbours’ horses, that seemed like chewing it.

A young cat next to the Christmas tree keeps a Christmas decoration in its paw.
Christmas tree, the best playground for a cat.
A woman dragging a Christmas tree, and opening the fence to the horses. Two brown Finnish horses waiting. A sunny, snowy beautiful winter day.
The Christmas tree on its way to be reused by the horses.