Me and my kayak along the coast.

I had decided it´s time that I get used to longer trips and bigger waters. One sunny morning I started from our own village Pirlax, went down to Tirmo and then up to Vålax. It took me five hours and 24 km and I burnt my skin. Fortunately both I and the kayak could get a lift back home by car. It´s not very convenient to take photos when paddling, but here is a selection of some views along the trip.



Not very far from Strandhagen is a wonderful place called Bökars that used to be the summerplace of Armi Ratia who was the founder of the Marimekko company.







Midsummer is one of the most important feasts during the year. Most people leave the cities and go to enjoy summer to a cottage, preferable by a lake or the by the sea. Fortunately Finland has lots of lakes and a long sea shore so it is possible for most people.The main topic around Midsummer is of course the weather. This year we haven´t been that fortunate, but it didn´t rain too much and in the evenings the sun appeared.

Here are some photos from a kayak tour I made one of the evenings in the archipelago nearby Strandhagen.



On this small rocky island there is only one tree, a rowan, and a rose bush that is a little special as it has has both white and red flowers.



The new generation.


My favourite birds! Haematopus ostralegus, Oyster catcher in english, Strandskata in swedish and Meriharakka in finnish. It is the national bird of Faroe islands and there they call it Tjaldur, a nice and easy name to remember.


1-DSC_0030 The last moments before the fog came.