Piece of art


Kristina Elo, living in Lovisa, is the artist of this small wonderful painting. Kristina is a friend of ours and we love her pictures and we have by now quite a collection of them at Strandhagen. This one I bought yesterday for my friend Judith in Switzerland, who is getting it as a birthday present. But I do hope Kristina will make more of these small ones, as I would like to have one of them too.

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Sunny Sunday in the end of August

Today we walked to the neighbour village to see some relatives and their animals. On the way our Hilda was happy running over the fields and I was  happy of the pretty red colours in the nature as the rowans have lots of berries this year. This is said to be a sign of a very cold winter coming, brrrrrr, but let´s enjpy a long beautiful autumn first.







får i skock




Elks in the garden


Today it was a hard wind that kept a lot of noice and I was able to sneak near the two elks that enjoyed the afternoon next to our house.When they noticed me they pretended to be shy and went slowly further.

Tove Jansson 100 years

At the weekend Tove Jansson was celebrated in many places in many ways. Tove Jansson ( 9th of August 1914-2001) was a swedish speaking finn who created not only the worldfamous Moomins but was also a painter and wrote many short stories and novels. She spent all her summers in the Pellinge archipelago, not far from Strandhagen B&B. Almost thirty years she and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä spent on a small island called Klovharun, far out in the archipelago. The last book Tove Jansson wrote was Anteckningar från en ö, with paintings of Tuulikki Pietilä. It is a beautiful book about two elderly women spending their summer on an island.



Today the island and the small cottage that is as when they left it, open for public one week a year, if the weather and the waves are calm enough. I was happy to be able to visit the island on Sunday and  as it was beautiful weather so did many others too. I was specially impressed by the ones who had arrived with kayaks, I think Tove would have liked that.



At Virvik beach

We have had such warm weather for many weeks and still today,

you would think that the beach would be crowded,

but not in Virvik.

A Monday afternoon in August, the day before school starts, there is only me and the geese.







And finally, only me.